Aquavision® Water Curtain

A unique water surface for high quality projection which appears and disappears instantaneously!

Thanks to a unique and patented nozzle, Aquatique Show’s Aquavision water curtain offers an extraordinary surface for image, video or laser projections.

Thick enough to guarantee the best quality of projection, the Aquavision water curtain is even so a transparent surface which let your back performances still be visible, creating a magical depth of field.

Available in any dimension starting from 2 meters long, Aquatique Show’s equipment unique capacity allows us to propose water curtains up to 100 meters long…

Resisting to wind and completely controlled, the Aquavision water curtain can either work for outdoor and indoor events!

The Aquavision water curtain is easy to set up and dismantle, simple to integrate and builds a complete water atmosphere in your event.


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