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BMW 6 Series Launch and Brand Experience

Johannesburg, South Africa

Aquatique Show was contacted to realize the water show and other water effects for the launch of BMW 6 Series in South Africa.


The brief for the launch called for a spectacular one of a kind event that would submerse the identified target market in a total BMW brand experience. An experience that would show case the entire BMW product range and reveal the latest offering from BMW as the flagship of the brand.


The chosen structure was a 35m x 100m oblong-shaped dome with one end of the structure being completely transparent allowing for a 180-degree view not only out but also into the dome.


As a central focal point a circular bar surrounding a 360-degree computer controlled Aqua Graphic water curtain was created. Various imagery and lighting effects were projected onto the circular water curtain and a live flutist performed from within.


In order to set the stage for the ultimate reveal of the new BMW 6 Series, performance areas were created with a water show with Musical fountain, water screen, live performance and pyrotechnics.

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