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Dubai 44th National Day, 2015.

Dubai, UAE.

HQ Creative successfully designed and delivered the official UAE National Day celebrations

With just 8 weeks lead-time, HQ delivered a grand and elegant open-air show of light, music, movement and theatrics, staged entirely upon the water with Dubai's dramatic skyline as the backdrop. 

A cast of over 400 local and international artists performed stunning choreographed routines in front of a backdrop of striking images projected onto water curtain delivered by Aquatique Show International

Highlights of the show included live horses galloping across the submerged stage, a performance from Bedouin horseman - Ali Al Ameri, and LED flyboarders performing exciting aerial displays. 

A captivating fireworks display from Ruggieri concluded the show in spectacular style in a combined choreography with water show created by Aquatique Show International. 

An audience of over 4,000 guests including members of the Royal Family, foreign dignitaries, VIPs and members of the public attended the event.

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