Water show

Water shows and special effects to amaze your audience

Aquatique Show International, the worldwide reference for stunning water shows and special effects for the entertainment sector, provides a complete range of techniques to help you create the display you require for your televised show, major attraction or special event. The magic of water is brought to life with technology and plenty of artistic talent with sensational results.

Water shows designed and produced by the French-based company can be of any scale and dimension and are a unique, made to measure response to your creative projects. From complete water shows which combine the element of water with any number of audio or visual techniques to cutting edge, water curtains for high quality video projections, Aquatique Show International can integrate its technology into your show or provide a stunning display as an introduction, interval or finale set…

Amaze your audiences with a play of water graphics, the Aquatique Show team has the technical know-how to animate water and transform it into a dancing fountain, rain curtain, a series of jets, shapes and sculptures. Feel free to view our gallery of water shows created for international events and organizations, an impressive portfolio developed over the last 30 years of research, development and design.


 Dubai National Day


Water show: a combination of technology and art

Water shows and special effects involving water have become a key to the success of visual displays, adding that special atmosphere magic and depth on stage, filling the air with mists and jets touched by lights and color… whatever you need a water show as a decorative feature or an integrated element of a live performance, do not hesitate to contact us, Aquatique Show International can design, produce and stage your water show wherever you are.If you would like any further information about our water show creations, please contact us.

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