Dancing fountain

Dancing fountain: water elements for your show or event

Show producers, event organizers desirous of a stunning, water fountain on set use the technical skill and artistry of Aquatique Show International, a world-leading creator of water and light shows. With an impressive portfolio of international and televised water shows achieved over the last 30 years, the French company leads the way in the design of original and stunning water shows for audiences all over the world.

A unique dancing fountain; designed and integrated into your live performance, whether indoors or in the open air, accompanied by music, will magnify the visual beauty of any production. Aquatique Show International can combine a wide range water effects, indeed, sculpt water using its own brand of technologies to create an enchanting water show

From small surface area to large scale installations, Aquatique Show International can add the water element to dimension, dancing water fountains can incorporate video projections, laser and firework displays to match the creative content of your projects.


Musical Fountain

The magical effect of water

Aquatique Show International can produce your dancing fountain, from conception and design to installation and dismantling. For your water show, we invite you to discover the magic of water effects: artificial mists, rain curtains, musical fountains and jets of any shape or size; we guarantee enchantment for your audiences.

If you would like any further information about our dancing fountain effects, please contact us.

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