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Dancing water

Dancing water effects add magic to your event

With Aquatique Show International, dancing water effects can stand as a singular attraction, as part of your building adornments or be integrated into a live stage performance, magnifying movement and music with enchanting visual impact. The leading, French company is a world reference in the creation of water shows impressing producers and spectators across more than 52 countries for the last 30 years.

Dancing water, as if by magic, the water element of your display is shaped, sculpted and animated by technology thanks to the skill and creative talent of the Aquatique Show teams. With a vast network of collaborators on an international scale, Aquatique Show responds to demands for dancing water effects, complete water theaters and multimedia displays of any dimension. Feel free to view recordings of spectacular water shows designed, produced and staged for major events, tourist attractions and televised performances. Aquatique Show may be proud of its artistic accomplishments but also continues to research and patent new technologies for new water and light effects…

Dancing water: Waltzes, fountains and more

For shows or events in any location, any dimension or scale, event organizers and producers can rely on our quality water effects; dancing water elements can be married with a number of other visual and audio technologies for a complete water show display.  From dancing water, musical fountains, Aquavision water curtain for image projection… we invite you to discover more about our water effects.

If you would like any further information about dancing water projects for your show, please contact us.