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Musical fountain

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Musical fountain: add the water element for a spectacular show

For any type of musical presentation, Aquatique Show International proposes the musical fountain to add a stunning visual impact to a live or recorded performance. The musical fountain is one of many of the water effects designed and produced by Aquatique Show, TV and stage producers and event organizers all over the world trust the French company delightful water displays that combine music of any genre, light and color for the pleasure and amazement of audiences.

Aquatique Show International works with your producers to create musical fountains that dance in synchronization with your music, unique designs to match your creative ideas and possibilities defined by location, dimension and style. The water effects can be integrated on set, both outdoors and indoors with dimensions up to 30 meters in length. Combine your series of techniques, sprays, mists, jets and curtains for a unique, made-to-measure dancing, musical fountain.

Aquatique Show International is the world-renowned specialist in water and light effects, taking full of processes, from conception to dismantling of your water display thanks to its cutting-edge technologies and a team of engineers and artistic producers. The impressive portfolio over the last 30 years also displays a dedication to innovation in technique and always a touch of originality.

Musical fountains around the world

Water effects add magic and enchantment to any show or event and combined with music, lights and fireworks becomes a truly astonishing visual experience. Aquatique Show International has produced water shows using fountains, water curtains, water screens and complete pieces of water shows in over 52 countries around the globe. We invite you to contact us about your water show projects, we respond to your needs for a stunning, successful display.

If you would any further information about our musical fountain creations, please contact us.