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Aqua Graphic water curtain: Dragon’s Treasure

Macau, China - 2008

Dive into the world of Dragon’s Treasure in this completely immersive multimedia show at City of Dreams. You’ll be transported to another world as the four Dragon Kings explore the mysterious powers of the Dragon Pearl and introduce you to their magical kingdoms. It all takes place at The Bubble - a dome-shaped theater specially built for this show.

Aquatique Show created the 4 meters diameter Aqua Graphic water curtain which plays as a preshow to the Dragon’s Treasure show, but also intervenes in the show itself as a narrative and surprising effect along the story.

Giant jellyfish

The Aqua Graphic water curtain appears as a giant jellyfish, which sprays choreographies of water made tentacles.




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Johannesbourg - 2011
Rideau d’eau Aqua Graphic & Fontaine Musicale, Lancement series 6 de BMW, Johannesbourg, Afrique du Sud.
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