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Giant Water Theater: Summer show for Volkswagen Autostadt

Wolfsburg, Germany - 2007 to 2017


From 2007 to 2017, Aquatique Show produced the largest temporary water show in the world and proposed a show every night during four weeks in summer.


Innovative collaboration

Thus, over the years, Aquatique Show has brought the number of pumps and projectors to over 300 units and integrated alternately, huge water screens, Aqua graphic water curtains, water effects of such as Geysers, Flower Jets, Moving canons, with ranges up to 70 meters height.
Autostadt was also the first water show to benefit from an underwater LED lighting system unique in its lighting output: the Aquashow Pro Led projectors.

Finally, in order to entertain the public by day, Aquatique Show created unique interactive fountains, water tunnels and labyrinths.



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