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Giant Water Theater : East New Town

Ningbo, China - Since 2019

This fountain project located in the new business district of East New Town in Ningbo is an ideal example to showcase the know-how of our company.

The central square of this new district is surrounded by the tallest buildings in the area: we had to think of an imposing water show while keeping heights of water effects that allow spectators close to the musical fountain to enjoy the entire length of the show.
The facade of the water show is 150 meters with modern water effects, clean lines to match the contemporary look of the square.

The water jets are equipped with our Aquapro Led 2 lightings which allow a warm and homogeneous lighting on all the effects, even the highest ones.
The fountain is composed of water jets with heights ranging from 20 to 40 meters, with moving jets on 1 axe to prevent water loss on the small width of the pool.
The implantation of the water jets is sinusoidal with circular overlaps on 4 poles at equidistance to form majestic columns that echo the imposing towers around, a fengshui design to accompany a more angular architecture with curves.


At night, thanks to the warm lighting of our water jets, the square evolves in a singular atmosphere.



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