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Giant Water Theater: The Cinéscénie at the Puy du Fou

Les Epesses, France - since 1990


Aquatic Show International realized several major water effects and water shows in the Park.


Magical scenery

Every night on the old pond of the Puy du Fou, the water show called "Les Orgues de Feu", presents romantic musicians appearing in their costumes of light and makes muses and goblins dance in a fantastic symphony of water and fire. In addition to the musical fountain composed of straight jets and arches, an organ projects water effects synchronized with the sound of the instrument and a harp composed of water strings appears in a magical scenery.


"Cinéscénie" show

Aquatique Show also created the 100 meter long water show, a 1h40 night show called the "Cinéscénie" with more than 10 million spectators, 1200 actors and dancers, a stage of 23 hectares and over 24,000 costumes.

Finally, Aquatique Show integrated Aqua Graphic water curtain, fog effect, interactive fountains in different areas of the park.



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