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Water display

Water displays to astonish and amaze spectators

Aquatique Show International is a major actor in the ever-increasing involvement of water in visual and audio sets in the entertainment industry. Water displays created by the leading French company can be admired in over 52 countries around the world and testimony to the creative talent and technical mastery of the Aquatique Show team.

Also referred to as water graphics, water theaters, water displays can be produced in a vast choice of locations, on land or sea and to large scale, to match the importance of any international event. Indeed, Aquatique Show International has participated in magical water shows for major international celebrations and its water displays are major features in many world-class tourist and leisure attractions.

Unique, majestic water displays create an atmosphere, from dancing water fountains to a complete multi-media gala where water combines with other visual and audio technologies with stunning effect. Event organizers, TV and theater producers trust Aquatique Show International to add the magic of water to their displays.

Water Displays: a combination of technology and art

The Aquatique Show team of engineers and designers has developed a large range of water display techniques, including patented equipment for high performance water screen projections. Whether you are in search of a complete water show for a live performance or a beautiful decorative feature…the creative talent of Aquatique Show International is at your disposal, feel free to contact us about your water display projects.