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Water features

Water fireworks: combining the elements for a spectacular show

Spectacular and astonishing, water fireworks by the world-leading company in the field of water effects, Aquatique Show International, continues to amaze audiences on screen, on stage and out in the open air around the globe. With 30 years expertise and an on-going search for the new, the French company is at the forefront of original, artistic water show for the entertainment industry, international celebrations and major tourist attractions.

Discover the range of water effects developed by the team of engineers and creative producers of Aquatique Show International and its talent for combining water and fireworks for grand festivities. The magic envelopes the air, a true wonder for the eyes of audiences of any age… from unique fountains to a complete water theater show of mists, colour, lights and flames all choreographed in accordance with style, grandeur and creative content of each unique project.

Aquatique Show International can integrate any number of visual and sound technologies into a water show, including fireworks, laser, video projections and music for both live performances on set or can install permanent decorative features of a large scale outdoor event. Thanks to a network of collaborators and resources, the Aquatique show team can reach your location and respond to projects of large scale dimensions.

Water fireworks: from conception to the end of the show

Aquatique Show International provides a complete service, from water fireworks design through to production and dismantling, adapting every stage of the process in line with location, scale and timing of your project. Feel free to visit the gallery of our water effects and technologies and meet with our team about your future water show.

If you would like any further information about our water fireworks displays, please contact us.