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Water special effects

water effect aquatique show 1

Enrich your project with some water special effects

Besides our water shows, we always developed new water special effects that can integrate any leisure, urban & architectural project.

Curving & cutting the water, make it spread in unbelievable ways, and creating lightings to sculpt the water like it was never done, that is the all-days playground of our designers and engineers to make the magic of water appear over again.

Water: one element of nature exalted by our water special effects

Imitating and revealing the natural movement of the water with rain effect, falling water as a cascade or mist effect.

Representing elements of this nature by using the water movements and shapes with our mesmerizing water trees or our jumping jets…

In 2004, we created a complete forest of Water trees into one of the main public parks of the Municipality of Strasbourg in France. Combined with surrounding real trees, this water forest gave a fairytale atmosphere to the whole area.

water special effect 1

water special effect 2

Water special effects transforming perception

Aquatique Show’s long experience is a major advantage to create new water special effects with unbelievable renderings that distort space and time, involving the audience either in his own imagination or on a journey inside an extraordinary world.

Aquatique show ‘s know-how also brought new techniques to our water special effects to become interactive to the audience through pads, joysticks and other control systems.

A whole landscape of water special effects

From 2012 to 2016, Aquatique Show integrated a complete water course with many different water special effects at the Headquarter of Volkswagen in Germany.

From the Water Labyrinth where children have fun to avoid splashes, through the Water Tunnel, a visual effect which’s concentric movement creates a strange and funny feeling of walking into a rolling & colored psychedelic tube, and to interactive fountains orchestrated by audience activating a hopscotch, Aquatique Show constantly innovates to amaze spectators.

water special effect 3