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As a creator of water shows, we manage the entire project, from the design to the final product to ensure a creative and technically flawless water show.


Meeting a new prospect and discovering a new project is always challenging, but it is the enthusiasm that takes over at first. The first contact is always a privileged moment to bring out the most daring aspects of a project, to accompany the wish of the client and to dream and push boldness further.

First birth of the water show

Giving something to see to our client, through our references, but also through an illustrated presentation of our proposal based on his wish is the starting point of every project. It is the client's first contact with the upcoming water show. It helps him understand the scales on the future site of the show, invest the place in a harmonious way, and compose together lines of water effects that are in concordance with the environment. Illustrating a proposal is enabling our client to truly anticipate his project.

Technical approach of the water show

We advise clients on the way infrastructures are to be set up to host a water show. It can relate to the water quality, which guarantees the durability of the show or the water effect, but also to construction works including pool and the technical rooms. From the beginning, our engineers in hydraulics and electricity (among others) are working to assist the client by studying and approving envisaged solutions, but also by revising the initial proposal if necessary. Both a first fundamental technical approach and exchanges between our different services are indispensable to obtain a perfect integration and a future, trouble-free exploitation.

Artistic aspects of the water show

Our international experience has enriched our expertise in the composition and staging of water shows. Our show designers and programmers have acquired a good knowledge of the world’s cultures in terms of entertainment and are able to cleverly combine this knowledge with the universal character of water. Therefore, a water show can’t be created without attentiveness, without hearing and including the client’s wishes and adapting the creation to his will. We guide and assist the client in his vision of the water show, whether through the complete creation with the choice of music and other contents, or simply through the programming of water jets in perfect coordination with our client’s artistic team.

Go time !

After signature, our commitment regarding the quality of the equipment we offer, the artistic choices we make, but also the respect of deadlines is firm.

Our suppliers are all local but above all reactive and quickly present to discuss possible modifications or arrangements regarding the construction of equipment. Drawing on our experience abroad, we are able to organize rigorously the delivery of equipment thank to our good knowledge of export customs formalities and our collaboration with efficient partners for transport. From the signature to the delivery on site, our engineers maintain daily exchanges with our clients in order to make the construction site progress through on site visits when it is possible for instance.

Installation and programming of the water show

It goes without saying that the construction is a very exciting moment for us: it is the moment when the client sees his project come true and knows that his water show will shortly see the light of day. Our technicians and engineers do everything in their power to ensure that the installation unfolds in the best conditions and manage the local teams in agreement with the client to train them to the knowledge of the equipment as well.
Programming is the ultimate moment: water jets and lights are activated for the first time. Still coordinating present various techniques, our programmers choose and adapt the scenography of the water ballet to give rhythm, punctuation to create moments of varied emotions, which keep the audience spellbound: the moments that our client wants to offer to his spectators.


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