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    Water effect



The water screen,
a magical projection effect on water!

In total levitation in the air, emerging from the dark, appearing and disappearing, the water screen gives the image a surreal and mysterious character.

This water effect developed by our engineers and patented by Aquatique Show at the end of the 80s, has been the highlight of many shows such as Fantasmic at Disney World, in the Seaworld parks in the United States, the water show on the lake at Futuroscope in Poitiers and Puy du Fou in France.

Its transparency creates a depth of field that integrates the real environment; the image then seems to be part of reality. Its volume gives a 3D impression to audiovisual projections, but also to lasers; Thus, the water screen enables mysterious and fantastic characters and settings to emerge in the spectator's reality.

Available for rent for temporary events or for sale for permanent installations, the water screen can be installed on floating structures for an exploitation in a lake or at sea, but also in a pool.

Dimensions and specifications of the water screen

The standard rental water screen dimensions enable projection on surfaces adapted to the distance to the public:

  • +/- 6 meters height with an opening/length of +/- 20 meters

  • +/- 10 meters height with an opening/length of +/- 30 meters

  • +/- 12 meters height with an opening/length of +/- 40 meters

  • +/- 15 meters height with an opening/length of +/- 45 meters

Water screen projection is carried out in rear projection to best capture the light from the projector.

water screen volkswagen autostadt wolfsburg big projection surface water screen bmw launch south africa aquatique show
water screen projection of flower vivid festival sydney 2014

An equipment of great reliability and stability

Although subject to strong winds, the design of our water screen has been thought to resist to medium winds while still enabling projection. The water screen module with specific hydrodynamics as well as the orientation and pressure of the pumps ensure a balance in the thickness of the water display, thick enough for good resistance and thin enough for good quality water screen projection.

water screen corfu greece projection of antiques
water screen greece corfu daylight

The water screen: an invisible structure for all shows

The water screen will be the perfect multimedia option to integrate into a water, pyrotechnic or other show, by offering images without any visible infrastructure: a simply magical water effect.

water screen volkswagen headquarter autostadt big show giant water show and water screen cinematic celebration universal studios orlando

The water screen as a background scenery

The water screen can be a perfect projection support for the presentation of a product, a brand, for a visual rather than a narrative communication. This water display creates a unique and magical setting for your event, a living scenery background that is modifiable at will.

water screen vivid festival sydney 2014 australia logo projection

The water screen
in big leisure parks

In 2018, the Universal Studio theme park in Orlando, Florida, integrated 7 water screens into its water show - a tribute to cinema - with projections of scenes from the greatest Hollywood studios films, creating a projection facade of more than 150 meters in the background of its fountain show.

giant water show dancing fountain water screen lake show universal studios cinematic celebration
water screen minions projection cinematic celebration universal studios

water screen vivid festival sydney 2014 darling harbour

  • water screen turkey projection
  • water screen vivid festival sydney 2014 darling harbour
  • projection on water screen gondola in venice
  • projection on water screen tree picture volkswagen headquarter autostadt wolfsburg water show
  • light festival lyon projection on water screen
  • water screen fetes des lumieres lyon ecran
  • water screen vivid festival sydney 2014 dance