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Inspired by nature & led by emotion

With a long experience, our engineers, show designers and technicians are always at work to test new technologies, new movements in our water effects and invent ever more efficient lighting to magnify water and offer new emotions in our water shows.

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About Aquatique Show

Aquatique Show was born from a dream of water show, inspired by nature, and directed by the emotion of the spectator. Water is undoubtedly the most mysterious of natural elements; its ebb and flow in nature is already a spectacle, an invitation to contemplation.

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Our water shows are primarily inspired by this nature of water.

Our vision & values

Exceptionally reliable water shows equipment

The choice for Aquatique Show is that of durability and reliability: we design equipment for permanent installations, some of which have existed for more than 20 years, and we are solicited for major events that require infallible water effects: systems compatible with the standards of the show but with a management by industrial process which also allows a great precision.

Our engineers are in constant search of local suppliers to have a direct and close exchange, but with capacities of intervention in the world to guarantee an efficient after-sales service. Most of our equipment is patented.
Aquatique Show invests 5% of its turnover in research and development to be at the forefront of innovation in the water show.

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The water show,
a universal scope

Aquatique Show has cultivated this ability of water to captivate the attention of all. In its abstraction, water speaks to everyone. Our know-how in the creation of water shows lies in this possibility to create movements and rhythms to fit to the musical cultures of other regions and thus offer a show close to the audience.

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Corporate social responsibility

Our directions towards sustainable development

Practices and expectations are evolving, and we welcome with conscience and pragmatism all needs for advice and information regarding the care taken in environmental issues and in particular the use of water. For each request from our customers, we try to provide a solution that is as respectful of the environment as possible while continuing to create shows for the public that we hope will be magical.

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Water is precious – water is our lifeblood

  • We offer water show equipment that does not require any chemical water treatment.

  • All our installations use closed circuit water. For ephemeral event shows, we use temporary pools, and we offer our customers the filling of tanks to be able to reuse this water.

  • To fill our pools by pumping into watercourses...we add strainer mesh filters to prevent the aspiration of flora and fauna.

  • We also offer water shows and effects on floating structures for direct installation in water ponds, lakes, or sea, without altering the water.

  • On our long-term installations, we adapt the construction materials of our equipment to the type and quality of water (stainless steel, bronze and brass which do not release harmful products).

  • For some more delicate equipment that operates in a closed circuit, we recommend filtration without chemicals such as reverse osmosis.

Responsible collabs

As a show designer, we have surrounded ourselves with local but leading suppliers in their market, most of whom have a global presence which allows for high availability of spare parts with a shorter and faster delivery circuit.

Our suppliers, such as Grundfos, Osram, Beckhoff, are committed to a CSR approach, with various internal actions but also financing in projects to balance their carbon footprint.

Our Foundation

Through its Foundation, Aquatique Show contributes to support local projects and inclusive experiences, allowing it to act for societal interests other than simple economic development, specially to forge local bonds.

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The team & our representatives

The Aquatique Show team

At the service of your project of water show

Aquatique Show:
the dream and passion
of a man

Dominique Formhals, founder, and CEO of the company was born in 1955 in Strasbourg, in France.

After his baccalaureate, he studied law for two years before creating with his father, "Les Orgues Aquatiques de Strasbourg" in 1973. They present together the first water shows in the region. Their shared passion for music and ballet has largely inspired the creation of their shows.

For Dominique Formhals, this dream of water is also to revive the spirit of the great water shows and the splendour of the fountains of the Château de Versailles, commissioned by King Louis XIV to the Francine family and the famous landscape architect André Le Nôtre, which had made it possible to present sumptuous water shows at the Court of the King of France, as part of ceremonies and celebrations which won over the spectators and got Versailles talked about in all European Courts once again.

After having seen one of their representations, the famous Cirque Bouglione offered Dominique Formhals to accompany them on a tour throughout France to present his musical fountain "The Magic of Water".

In 1979, Dominique Formhals created the company Aquatique Show International and surrounds itself with first collaborators, technicians, and artists, to propose his shows to rent in all Europe. Those first collaborators still work in the company today.

If Aquatique Show has achieved excellence in the water show, it is because Dominique Formhals has kept and instils in his teams the same taste of the magic of the show, this child's glance that shines when the first lights of water jets rise at the rhythm of the music.

“Over the years, new collaborators have joined us to form a team of 22 people composed of engineers, designers, electricians, IT specialists and technicians who develop and build unique solutions to create the water show of your dreams. This family company runs a cohesive team that enables reactivity and flexibility in managing your project anywhere in the world.”


Commercial and Administrative Department

  • Marie FORMHALS

    Executive Assistant

  • Charlotte FORMHALS

    Executive Assistant

  • Christine PERRIN

    Export Secretary

  • Jennifer BORNERT


  • Dimitri REIBEL

    Sales Representative

  • Olivier JACOB

    Communications Officer

Engineering and show design department

  • Norbert FISCHER

    R&D Director

  • Fabrice HEITZ

    Show Designer

  • Cédric BIGOT

    Product Design Engineer

  • Thibaut DIETENBECK

    Product Design Engineer

  • Mathieu LEVAIN

    CAD Designer

  • Laurent HALLER

    CAD Designer

Technical department

  • Max DINE

    Technical Director

  • Philippe SAVINEAU

    Fountain Technician

  • Sébastien GILLIG

    Fountain Technician

  • Thierry SIPP

    Fountain Technician

  • David KOBLER

    Fountain Technician

  • Thomas SCHNEIDER

    Fountain Technician

  • Alexandre PATERNA

    Fountain Technician

  • Michael BADEROT

    Fountain Technician

  • Pavol SOOS

    Fountain Technician

  • Thomas MULLER

    Fountain Technician

  • Sebastian LARIONESCU

    Fountain Technician

  • Alexis COSSON

    Fountain Technician

Aquatique Show
in China

Aquatique Show, it is also our long-standing partner to create a close and lasting relationship with our customers in China.

A permanent agency based in Ningbo, China, reactive and adapted to the mainland China markets.

Contact : Chaoyang Yu
No 979 Yinxian Road Ningbo

Our Foundation

The Aquatique Show Foundation supports projects that contribute to promoting Alsace and its talents in resonance with its values: loyalty, the promotion of know-how and support for creation.