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Aqua Graphic® water curtain:
Céline Dion  at Caesars Palace Colosseum

Las Vegas - 2011-2019

On March 15, 2011, Celine Dion returned to the Cæsars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas with a new show called "Céline" for which she performed during 3 years and which was finally extended until 2019.
At a rate of approximately 70 shows a year, this show would have generated $ 40.1 million for 57 performances and more than 250,000 people in 2011.
Aquatique Show had the honor to make a water effect for the finale of this show. As Celine Dion begins her famous song "My heart will go on", on a platform rising a few meters high in the center of the stage, two majestic Aqua Graphic water curtains of 3 meters and 5 meters in diameter that swirl around the singer to transport her in a water universe, the moment of a song.

The choice of this water effect refers obviously to the water element present in the movie Titanic, of which this song is the soundtrack.
But the circular Aqua Graphic water curtain also made it possible to a water effect that came from the ceiling, not cluttering the stage infrastructure on the floor which was to be as free as possible.

Visually, the Aqua Graphic water curtain added depth to the scene, and embodied a transparent stage curtain that wrapped the star with discretion and magic. Because the scenographic imperative was to have an original effect, but a water effect that remained in the background of the star, only emphasizing her fabulous presence on stage.

the circular Aqua Graphic water curtain also enabled to propose a water effect coming from the ceiling, not encumbering the stage infrastructure on the floor which was to be as free as possible



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