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Aqua Graphic® water curtain: Dima Bilan at MUZ-TV Awards

Moscow, Russia - 2014

Our Aqua Graphic water curtain has coated the beautiful performance of the singer during the ceremony

Playing with our water effect

The singer played with this water effect to get the best from it, by splashing everywhere with his movement, and by getting under the water curtain to create a luminous rain effect simply magical.
His performance has been the culmination of the MUZ-TV Awards 2014 ceremony, a show that does not come along often in Russia! According to many who saw the live, it was the best performance in the history of "Muz-TV".

Absolute champion

2007 - Best Artist, Best Song ( «Never let you go»), Best Album ( "river of time")
2008 - The Best Performer, Best Ringtone ( "The impossible - possible")
2009 - Best Video ( «Believe»), Best Song ( «Believe»)
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 - Best Performer
2015 - The best live show



Absolute champion of Muz-TV on the number of awards - Dima Bilan received the cherished plate 12 times, of which 7 times as "Best Performer".



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