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Aqua Graphic water curtain : Jindrichuv Hradec

Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic - 2012

Aquatique Show created a complete water show with a single Aqua Graphic water curtain of 2 meters diameter synchronized with music and video projections involved at the Saint Florian Business & Medical Center.

Amazing and emotional experience

For the first time in Czech Republic, the audience made the amazing and emotional experience of the graphic water fall, which created an original and unique scenery of water.




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Moscow - 2014
Aqua Graphic water curtain: Dima Bilan at MUZ-TV Awards, Moscow, Russia.
Orlando - 2012
Water Theater Cinematic Spectacular, Universal Orlando, USA.
Macau - 2008
Aqua Graphic water curtain: Dragon’s Treasure, Macau, China
Paris - 2015
Aqua Graphic water curtain: Indian Pavilion at COP21, Paris, France.
Busan - 2010
Aqua Graphic water curtain and Tornado Fountain, Busan, South Korea.
Johannesburg - 2011
Aqua Graphic water curtain & Musical Fountain, Launch event BMW Series 6, Johannesburg, South Africa.