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Aqua Graphic water curtain: Terminal B LaGuardia Airport

New York, USA - Since 2020

New York's LaGuardia Airport has integrated our Aqua Graphic water curtains into the complete renovation of its infrastructure to provide a unique water show for airport users.

Valued at 5.1 billion dollars, the redevelopment of Terminal B is the largest public-private partnership in the history of American aviation: it includes an Artwork program (photo: “Shorter than the Day” by Sarah Sze; but also art works by Jeppe Hein, Sabine Hornig and Laura Owens are presented) and a water show to propose an enriched experience to passengers.

Located on level 4 of the arrivals and departures hall, the water show composed of our two Aqua Graphic water curtains is a unique device in America and the only one in the world installed in an airport.


This water show is made up of two circular water curtains of 2 and 3 meters in diameter at a height of 7.5 meters. 450 solenoid valves individually controlled by an industrial process perform an aquatic ballet by cutting the water with precision to form figurative or abstract texts and visuals.


Along with the Aqua Graphic water curtains, light projectors, video, laser projections and two media servers guarantee a fabulous show created by a talented team of content designers, programmers, visual artists and sound engineers.

The video content is projected from 3 rear projectors with a 120 ° opening to offer a 360 ° projection.

The integration of our equipment (Aqua Graphic water curtains but also Jumping jets) required an upgrade to the electrical standards in the United States (UL standards) and the airport environment oriented the type of filtration for water: sand filters and a very soft treatment of the water with a specific chlorine.

The shows run continuously with two signature shows - which celebrate New York City - appearing every 15 minutes between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. These shows are a perfect demonstration of the synchronization of the water-cutting technique of Aqua Graphic and projection, all staged on classics that evoke New York and American culture.



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