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Aqua Graphic water curtain: Grand Foyer of the Star Casino

Sydney, Australia - Since 2019

Aquatique Show installed 2 Aqua Graphic water curtains in the Star's grand foyer, the legendary Sydney Casino.

In its renovation project, the Star Casino Sydney, the second largest casino in Australia, has decided to bring the concept of immersion in a show to an unprecedented level, bringing together exceptional audiovisual production and a water effect arising out of nowhere.

With a budget of almost 14 million euros out of a total of 40 million, the grand foyer project is the centerpiece of an investment that should multiply attendance level of the casino by three, going from 1.4 million to 3.9 million visitors.

aqua graphic water curtain star casino sydney 4

The immersive and interactive installation of the grand foyer includes a 25-meter long, 8,000-pixel screen that will showcase the work of emerging and established Australian artists, filmmakers and animators. The content of the screen reacts dynamically to the environment of the real world and to human movement, encouraging interaction with visitors.

Our two circular Aqua Graphic water curtains are placed in the foreground of this screen to bring a depth of field to the device. In addition to the water sculpture technique, the water curtains welcome laser projections and dynamic lighting synchronized with the music to compose the complete show.

The content of the show and the synchronization of all the effects, as well as the integration, have been thought out in total harmony with the area, which makes the device purely extraordinary.
Artist and lighting designer Bruce Ramus and his company of the same name developed this magical show: "I had the idea of creating a digital work integrated into the architecture of space, by connecting elements and visualizing the environment as a whole in synchronization, with the aim of integrating and enriching the human experience ”.


aqua graphic water curtain star casino sydney 3

aqua graphic water curtain star casino sydney 5credit : The Star & 1oh1 Media

In 2020, to celebrate the Lunar New Year, Bruce Ramus was asked again to create an additional show to the existing one.

The show which obviously uses the Aqua Graphic water curtains incorporates a breathtaking decor with giant lanterns, but most of all, a splendid aerial and acrobatic ballet performed by the performers Julie Cameron, Eliza and Matilda Goslett.



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