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Giant Water Theater Cinematic Celebration, Universal Studio Orlando

Orlando, USA - Since 2018

A new epic water show lights up Universal Studios Florida theme park at night. For the second time in a row, Aquatique Show was commissioned to perform the park's big water show.
Building on the confidence gained during our previous production with Universal Studios, which had been a great success with visitors, Aquatique Show has presented an even more audacious and monumental project for this new show.
Cinematic Celebration, Universal's new show, is an ode to cinema, including the production of the famous movie studios of the same name. Successful sequences such as Jurassic World, Fast and Furious, Despicable Me, but also the Minions and Harry Potter, are projected on seven water screens forming a projection facade of more than 150 meters in total.
These giant projections are both the backdrop and backbone of a water show featuring more than 120 water effects with straight jets, dynamic multi-axis moving jets and other water effects that complete the show. This large water theater exploits a spectacular depth of field with a full grid of straight jets over 100 meters by 30 meters.
The specific installation of this show lies in the installation of a 100 meters underwater platform which hosts the entire show, allowing perfect stability and rendering of the water effects, as well as a simplified access to the equipment for the maintenance.
This water show presented twice a night in the park will amaze children and adults alike with references to current and older movies in a magic water ballet accompanied by amazing fireworks effects.

An underwater platform of 100 meters which hosts the entire show

installation aquatique cinematic celebration universal studio 4
spectacle aquatique cinematic celebration universal studio 3
spectacle aquatique cinematic celebration universal studio 2
spectacle aquatique cinematic celebration universal studio 1
spectacle aquatique cinematic celebration universal studio 9
installation aquatique cinematic celebration universal studio 4



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