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Giant Water Theater SPECTRA Marina Bay

Singapore - Since 2017



of show facade on the bay



per projector instead of the previous 4000 watts



of projection on water screens

Aquatique Show was contacted in 2016 by the Marina Bay Sands hotel group to reply to  tender for the creation of a new large water show in the Singapore Bay project, at the foot of their sumptuous hotel. Our company was already known for having produced several large-scale water shows on the bay, including the National Day Parade and the Youth Olympic Games in 2010. Building on this experience, and thanks to the creativity of our teams, Aquatique Show won the tender and produced the iconic water show.
The Spectra water show displays Singapore's evolution as a multicultural society and the cosmopolitan city it is today, through four singularly magical acts. In Acts I and II, the imagery metaphorically represents Singaporean society, its complex history and cultural context. Acts III and IV develop the theme of the future, with futuristic images that encourage us to dream of a model city.

A wide range of water effects, including pyramids, gyroscopic jets, arches and straight jets, moving jets, as well as lava and fog effects. The show is fully installed on 3 floating platforms of 120 meters long each.

Spectra was the first of our installations to benefit from our 500 watt RGBW Aquapro LED underwater lights that offer perfect whites and richer colors.

Come and discover the magic of Spectra, a free and public outdoor light show presented over the water on the Event Plaza. As the story unfolds before your eyes, you will be immersed in a beautiful symphony of music, water and light made of lasers, water jets and giant projections on water screens.

Whether it's your first visit or your hundredth, this 15-minute show will amaze you with its inspiring orchestral soundtrack and special lighting effects.

Installation of the water show on floating structures

spectacle aquatique spectra marina bay singapour 4
spectacle aquatique grand theatre d'eau spectra singapour 5
spectacle aquatique spectra marina bay singapour 4
spectacle aquatique spectra marina bay singapour 3
spectacle aquatique spectra marina bay singapour 2
spectacle aquatique spectra marina bay singapour 4



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