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Musical Fountain : The Church Fountain at Taodu Park

Ningbo, China - Since 2017

The City of Ningbo started its renovation project of Taodu Urban Park in 2016.
From the beginning, the project envisaged the installation of an ornamental fountain in the center of the park, but the wish was also to propose an animation to the visitor.
It is quite naturally that Aquatique Show proposed a musical fountain in order to fulfill these initial specifications.

First proposal of an ornamental Fountain

The budget being limited, our first proposal was a musical fountain with simple lines, quite classic, with a pooling of pumps to reduce costs while ensuring the possibility of programming water shows with music and a rich play of lights.
The fountain, although adequate, seemed unfinished, and it was only after a visit of the site that an original idea came to our mind.

Taodu Park offers breathtaking views of Ningbo's Cathedral of Seven Sorrows of Mary.
This monument built in 1713 during the reign of the Qing Dynasty, has been rebuilt several times including in its current architecture in neo-Gothic style by the French lazarists in 1872. Protection of national heritage since 2006, this church was severely damaged by a fire in 2014, then renovated until 2018.


Aquatique Show then redesigned its musical fountain to highlight this heritage by imagining a water church, like a reflection of the building, thus linking the park to the church in a stroll.

The result is simply unique: our musical fountain offers original water shows in music and lights, but also imbues the park with a spiritual aura drawn from its neighbor of stone.



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