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Water effect : Volcano Bay

Orlando Florida - Since 2017


water effect_volcano bay_3

Universal’s Volcano Bay is the very first water park of the Universal Orlando Resort. When the Park’s conception started, in 2015, Universal called upon us to create unique and interactive water effects that were to be displayed across the park. In total, we have installed more the 30 water effects which bring attractions and pools to life all around the 53 acres of the park by both day and night times.

The park’s centerpiece is the « Krakatau », a 200 feet tall artificial volcano which hosts waterfalls and geysers by day and lava explosions and flows by night. Aquatique Show has designed all the water effects that have made the creation of such a realistic volcano possible. Through fog effect, colossal jet, air shoot jet and lava effect, our designers put everything into perspective so the volcano both looked realistic and thrilled the park’s family audiences.


water effect_volcano bay_4

water effect_volcano bay_5

In total, we have installed 8 different water zones in several locations across the park. Most of our installations are interactive jets, which splash the visitors, and some of them can even be controlled by passers-by thanks to a joystick. We are proud to say we managed to turn water into a game through playful installations appreciated by both little ones and grown-ups.



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