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Aqua Graphic water curtain and Tornado Fountain

Busan, South Korea - 2010

The Korean group Lotte has ordered the world's largest and highest indoor water show from Aquatique Show, incorporating the unique technology of Aqua Graphic water curtains.


Thereby, this water show was classified as such in the Guinness Book of Records.


This installation is crowned by a unique water effect: a multidirectional jet suspended 22 meters high, like the water curtains, thus imposing as an emblem of the shopping mall of the country's second largest city.


It is composed of two circular Aqua Graphic water curtains of 2 meters and 8 meters diameter (again a record!) that create a choreography of figures sculpted directly into the water, mixing with a Tornado Fountain composed of about fifty water jets arranged in a star, all synchronized in Korean pop music and international classics. An installation that also receives a giant projection using two projectors.



graphic water fall



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