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Water Theater: National Day

Crans Montana, Switzerland - 2013-2015

From 2013 to 2015 during summertime, Aquatique Show created a multimedia water show which accompanied the fireworks of the National Day. It was an opportunity for the municipality of Crans Montana to offer to visitors a water show by day and by night during four days.


This floating Water Theater was composed of baroque effects, but also more contemporary water games, enabling stage sets for both classical and current music.


This Water Theater, a great classic of Aquatique Show, fitted perfectly into the natural surroundings of Crans Montana valley in the wonderful lake Grenon.


The water facade was 100 meters long with more than 70 different water effects up to 20 meters high.

This baroque water show was the perfect choice in this beautiful and natural setting of Crans Montana with its lake and mountains as a background scenery.



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