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Water Theater: Les Noces de Feu, Puy du Fou, France

Les Epesses - Since 2020

This new project for the installation of a water show at Puy du Fou represents a continuation for Aquatique Show. Our collaboration with the Puy du Fou park dates back to the very beginning of the 90s, and we have collaborated on many projects of Water Theaters or new water effects or improvement of existing installations, with the same enthusiasm, led by the creative power of the Puy du Fou teams.


It is therefore with great wonder that we discovered this new creation, "Les Noces de Feu".

This brand new show is the narrative continuation of the Orgues de feu, a water show made up of musical fountains and pyrotechnic effects that delighted park spectators for more than 10 years from 2008 to 2019.


The pitch of the show


Every evening, when the sun goes down, the soft melodies resonate over the lake and bring to life the memories of the most romantic of weddings. After their encounter in the “Les Orgues de Feu” show, the Violinist muse and Virtuoso pianist are once again coming together to celebrate their eternal love through the magic of water and fire. You can attend this fantastic wedding where dancers and giant sets will rise from the depths of the lake, appearing like a mirage, and come to life to make the young bride and groom’s dream come true and give them an unforgettable celebration.

The composition of the Water Theater


Almost a hundred water effects make up the water theater.


The installation of the water effects has been thought of as a moucharabié which rolls up and unfolds over the entire lake with a game of symmetry/asymmetry which allows to offer a show that is appreciable by all spectators, all around the lake.


Visually, this layout is in keeping with the pure tradition of the French garden to echo the era in which the history of the show unfolds. The water displays create a magical period decor for the characters.




Lines of straight arabesque jets, flower jets and moving jets give variety in terms of choreography. The water curtains integrated into the central kiosk magnify it. Always present, the water organ pipe made up of arches always dazzles the spectator.



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