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Water effect

Sculpted, fashioned : water is magnified by our water effects

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Aquatique Show proposes water effects for rental or for sale, and develops new custom-made water effects for your project and according to your needs with the following goals: magic, perfect integration and long-term reliability

The development of new water effects is an integral part of our business; it contributes to enricingh our water shows, but also offering to our clients decoration unique and original animation water effects,  that leave a mark on the minds of the visitors and passers-by.
Whether for the integration of water effects in an architectural or landscaping project, the development of a specific water effect to embody a staging element of an indoor show or concert, the enhancement of a lobby for your head office, the integration of interactive water games for children in a theme park, Aquatique Show will develop the water effect that will fit perfectly, will meet the technical and aesthetic specifications , while ensuring long-term durability with minimal maintenance.
Lava effects and eruption at Volcano Bay in Orlando in the USA since 2017, waterfall in the foreground for the tour of Tiziano Ferro in Italy for 6 months in 2016, jumping jets in the Puy du Fou Park since 1989, are some references of permanent or temporary installations where our water effects, reliable and efficient, play every day without fail.

Water screen, Aquavision or Aqua Graphic water curtains, but also water tunnel, water labyrinth, interactive water games that can be connected to desks or tablets or smartphones; water fogs to create a wonderful water atmosphere; water trees or geyser to recreate a fairy nature, are some of the water effects that we propose.


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Water Screen

A magical effect of projection on water

In total levitation in the air, emerging from the dark, appearing and disappearing, the water screen gives the image a surreal and mysterious character

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Aquavision® water curtain

The projection on water in high resolution

Thanks to a unique and patented nozzle, the Aquavision® water curtain receives all types of media up to the possibility of projecting complete films in unequaled quality. It also receives laser projections

Learn more about the Aquavision® water curtain  

water curtain aqua graphic 7

Aqua Graphic®water curtain

The water curtain that sculpts water

A revolutionary water effect, but also a complete water show, the Aqua Graphic® water curtain was developed by our engineers and patented by Aquatique Show in the early 2000s

Learn more about the Aqua Graphic® water curtain             

Other water effects

Discover our most magical water effects

Over the years, Aquatique Show has never ceased to create new water effects to meet the increasingly precise and informed demands of its customers.

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