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Aquavision® water curtain

The high quality projection water curtain

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Thanks to a unique and patented nozzle, the Aquavision® water curtain receives all types of media up to the possibility of projecting complete films in unequaled quality. It also receives laser projections

With a water thickness guaranteeing the best possible projection quality, the Aquavision® water curtain remains a transparent surface allowing a very good visibility of your performances in the background, thus creating a magic field depth.
Without projection, or associated to a play of light, the Aquavision® water curtain can be a perfect element of decoration to bring a soft and calm atmosphere, separating environments in an event while allowing a global visibility of the place.
Available for rent from 2 meters to a hundred meters in length, the Aquavision® water curtain is also available for sale for permanent installations.
With a minimum space requirement, this water effect can be installed indoor in very small conference rooms to provide both a presentation support and an original decoration, but also in very large concert halls at substantial heights with a stable effect that does not splash. With quick installation and dismantling, it can easily integrate a stage for a touring show.

The Aquavision® water curtain in action

water curtain aquavision mylene farmer 13

French singer Mylène Farmer for her concerts in 2006, or Tiziano Ferro for his tour in Italy in 2017, integrated the Aquavision® water curtain into their scenography, causing a surprise effect when it appears at the forefront of their show, a bright rain as a stage curtain.

The Aquavision® water curtain is also perfect for outdoor events as it is resistant to moderate winds

water curtain aquavision paris 14

water curtain aquavision dubai national day 12

Thus, in 2016, the Dubai Municipality chose our water curtain to set up a projection water facade of more than 100 meters long on a stage at sea, revealing in the background the majestic skyline of the city.

water curtain aquavision 10
water curtain aquavision 4
water curtain aquavision 6
water curtain aquavision paris 14
water curtain aquavision 9
water curtain aquavision 3
water curtain aquavision 1
water curtain aquavision 7
water curtain aquavision 2
water curtain aquavision 13
water curtain aquavision 15
water curtain aquavision 12
water curtain aquavision 5
water curtain aquavision 8
water curtain aquavision 10



Discover our latest realizations highlighting the Aquavision® water curtain

Dubai - 2015

Discover our performance for the Dubai National Day.

Port Elizabeth - 2012

Aquatique Show created the permanent multimedia water show for the casino.

Dubai - 1997 to 2001

A water show: a big first for the famous festival.

Frequent questions about the Aquavision® water curtain



Can the Aquavision® Water Curtain be used by daytime?

Like any other projection support, the projection on Aquavision water curtain is not possible by day since the projector's light source is not powerful enough for daylight.

What are the advantages of the Aquavision water curtain?

The Water Curtain offers a flexible projection surface combined with optimal image quality. It also has excellent resistance to wind.

What are the available dimensions of an Aquavision® Water Curtain?

For rent, we can propose all lengths up to 100 meters since our Aquavision modules can be assembled without gaps.
On sale, we can build the dimensions of your choice.

What type of projection can be made on an Aquavision® Water Curtain?

The Aquavision water curtain can receive all types of projection in rear projection. It allows the projection in very good and smooth quality of photos and videos, whether decorative content or narrative content. It can also receive the projection of a complete movie. It can also receive laser projection.

Can the projection on Aquavision® Water Curtain be done from the front?

Any projection on a surface of water, thus on the water curtain Aquavision, must be done with rear projection to benefit from all the luminous power of the projector; the projector must be installed at the back of the water curtain, facing the public, while taking care to avoid the hot spot.
The front projection can be very rarely achievable, in perfect conditions without any other surrounding light source, but it is not recommended

Is the Aquavision® Water Curtain wind resistant?

The Aquavision water curtain does not tear in the wind; it can be deflected in the direction of the wind but the projection remains possible.

What is the standard installation of an Aquavision® Water Curtain?

The Aquavision water curtain necessarily requires the installation of a bearing structure resistant to 70kg per linear meter to be suspended over a receiving pool of the waterfall.
The underwater pumps that will feed the water curtain in closed circuit will be installed in this pool.
Feed hoses will run from pumps to the Aquavision water curtain.

Can the Aquavision® Water Curtain be used indoor/outdoor?

The Aquavision water curtain can be used indoor and outdoor.

What is the difference between a water screen and an Aquavision water curtain?

The water screen is produced by water projected at very high pressure in a semi-circle from the surface of the water. The water screen can only be used outdoors. The Aquavision water curtain is created by water falling from distribution piping set at a height ranging from 1 to 30 meters. The Aquavision water curtains can be used indoors or outdoors.

Rear projection is necessary since front projection does not work on this type of screen, except with powerful projector and dark environment with no light interferences.

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