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Other water effects

Water effects to bring magic

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Over the years, Aquatique Show has never ceased to create new water effects to meet the increasingly precise and informed demands of its customers.

New movements, new textures, but also more and more powerful lighting effects on our water effects, thought by our designers and show designers, have completed our range of products, always developed by our engineers for the sake of reliability and longevity. These tailor-made water effects have sometimes been standardized to allow for more consistent production in order to enhance our rental fleet and add effects to our water show proposals. Check out some of the water effects we have designed for permanent installations or for temporary events. Without any limit to our imagination, we create all the water effects which will be able to magnify your project

water effect water tunnel 5
water effect water tunnel 4
water effect water tunnel 25
water effect water tunnel 12
water effect water tunnel 25
water effect water tunnel 5

The Water Tunnel, a water effect creating a dreamlike and kinetic promenade

This water effect was developed for the first time for the Volkswagen company in the famous Autostadt in 2015, city and park dedicated to the automobile that offers shows and attractions to its clients. The water tunnel was set up each summer with other water effects to animate the park and create a unique and fantastic universe. With a length of 21 meters, the water tunnel was an extraordinary walk for the visitors..
Now available for rent, this effect has also been installed for the first Water Festival in Xi'an, China, in 2018.

The Water tree: a beautiful water effect as sculptural decoration

The water tree combines two aesthetic aspirations since it is both a magical water effect by day and night, but also a sculpture with its stainless steel structure. Multiplied at will, this water effect transforms your site into a dreamlike and mysterious forest where the passer-by indulges in reverie. It will be a perfect decoration for Christmas for outdoor and indoor installation. Available for rent in the dimensions of 2.50 meters and 3.50 meters, the water tree can be made to the size of your wish for a durable installation.

water effect water tree 21
water effect water tree 19
water effect water tree 18
water effect water tree 15
water effect water tree 21

fog water effect tunnel 5
water effect fog 3
water effect fog 2
water effect fog 1
fog water effect tunnel 5

Fog: a water effect that transports you into another dimension

Fog can be integrated into a water show, but also into a scene or site as a decorative element. This versatile and ephemeral water effecttakes over a place like no other effect. Water vapor created by air compressors, it dresses its environment, conceals technical infrastructures, surrounds and coats the passerby or the spectator with a refreshing veil. Our fog effect reproduces perfectly the meteorological phenomenon of the same name, creating a mysterious atmosphere. Every summer, many cities order this effect of water to cool children in urban playgrounds or municipal parks.

Water labyrinth: Water effect game for children and adults

Ramps of water jets arranged in concentric squares or rectangle with an individual control of each ramp make it possible to offer a real water labyrinth where the children can stroll and be surprised by walls of water that suddenly spring up and lock them up. It is the game of whether or not to get wet by these hundreds of harmless but malicious little water jets whose night lighting will turn this labyrinth into a sculptural fountain with crystalline reflections.

water effect labyrinth 6
water effect labyrinth 11
water effect labyrinth 10
water effect labyrinth 6

water effect interactive fountain 9
water effect interactive fountain 8
water effect interactive fountain 7
water effect interactive fountain 3
water effect interactive fountain 23
water effect interactive fountain 9

Interactive fountains: and you become the creator of a water show

To accompany the ever-growing desire of the viewer to participate in the show, we have designed water effects, but also complete water shows that can be controlled using consoles, digital tablets or smartphones so that the games become truly interactive.

Thus in 2015 and 2016 at the Volkswagen Autostadt in Germany, for example, we have installed a set of a dozen water games and water effects for the greatest pleasure of children and adults: turnstiles that operate rotating water jets, hopscotches that make up water shows when you jump on the right sequence of numbers, water curtains on an alley that open and close at the visitors' passages, and other joysticks whose movements are executed identically by our water jets...

And many other water effects are available for your project!

Some of our water effects in action





Discover our latest realizations highlighting our other water effects

Strasbourg - 2018

In the frame of the event "The Magnificent Industry", Aquatique Show realized a water show to create a water case to the 12000-year-old mammoth skeleton acquired by the company Soprema.

Orlando Florida - Since 2017

Creation of different interactive water effects in the park and eruptive lava effect for the Volcano.

Ningbo - Since 2017

Integration of our fountain in the landscaping project of Taodu Park’s renovation

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