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Musical Fountain

Discover our our legendary water fountain show.

The "Magic of Water" Musical Fountain, which has made Aquatique Show famous all over the world, has been enriched over time with new technical skills to continue to present a modern water show that can integrate a variety of configurations.

It was the first Dancing Fountain presented in France in a tour with Cirque Bouglione, and today it is still delighting the public of the Grand Rex in Paris for several years during the Christmas holidays.
We can propose this musical fountain show for outdoor or indoor shows, in limited spaces since the modules of this fountain can be combined to compose a water facade from 8 to 30 meters opening, and heights of jets up to 12 meters with regulation to adapt to the operating conditions of your site.
The Musical Fountains are composed of 14 different effects reproduced several times according to the chosen length, allowing a water ballet, rich of movements and graceful figures which immediately plunge the spectator into a magical water world.
The richness of the combinations allows to play a choreography on classical music, but also to create furious rhythms on rock, electro music...

The Musical Fountain in action

14 different water effects and thousands of jets

Dancing fountain

Multiple use

The Musical Fountain is also a perfect water effect to be integrated into live performances, such as a concert with an orchestra or a dance recital, in order to create a water show in the background or a decor integrated into the staging.

Play the fountain

Programmable and controlled by DMX, this Dancing Fountain also has a keyboard that allows our technicians to play live.

musical fountain show

water fountain show


The equipment can be flexibly adjusted and is designed for quick and easy installation by our competent technical teams, with the assembly of temporary pools that enable the installation of the Musical Fountain show in most sites.


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fontaine musicale lunéville 5


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fontaine musicale 16
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fontaine musicale 2
fontaine musicale 8



Discover our latest realizations highlighting the Musical Fountain

Ningbo - Since 2017

Integration of our fountain in the landscaping project of Taodu Park’s renovation

Depuis toujours

 Discover this Musical fountain which thrilled thousands of Parisians children.

Johannesburg - 2011

We invested all the Indoor room of the event with water effects and a water show.

Frequent questions about the Musical Fountain



Can a Musical Fountain be associated with a Water Screen or an Aquavision Water Curtain?

 All our water effects can be combined to propose a complete water show.

Can a Musical Fountain be installed indoor?

 The water jets of our Musical Fountains have adjustable heights for indoor use, and the size of our pools will be adapted to avoid any splashing.

Can the Musical Fountain be installed in a lake?

 The Magic of Water musical fountains are not floating, unlike some of our Water Theaters; you will thus have to provide us with an underwater structure that enables its installation in the lake.

Can the Musical Fountain work automatically?

 All our water shows can be pre-encoded and operate fully automatically; our control equipment can also integrate a scheduler to launch shows at your convenience all day long.

How long does a water show with the Musical Fountain last?

 We recommend a duration of 5 to 20 minutes for a Musical Fountain show alone; the duration can be extended if other performances are combined (orchestra, performances of actors/dancers, fireworks, movies ...).

Can we play the Musical Fountain by daytime?

 The Musical Fountain can play by daytime; however the water jets of this fountain are very fine and the good visibility cannot be guaranteed according to the surrounding luminosity.

What is the size of a Musical Fountain?

 The size of our Musical Fountains varies according to the configuration of the site and the wish of the client.
In rental, we propose facades from 10 to 24 meters.

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