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A water theater at Les Nuits de Saint Gilles 2024!

come and discover this wonderful show combining horses, pyrotechnics, water theater, fire eaters, jugglers and even acrobats on the hill of Saint Gilles!
Les nuits de saint gilles in the 90's
  • 14.01.2024

A long-standing partnership with Saint-Pierre-Bois

Every summer, the commune of Saint-Pierre-Bois in Alsace puts on a wonderful show, Les Nuits de Saint Gilles. For the 2024 edition, the commune called on Aquatique Show to create an impressive water theater which will mix wonder and magic for more than an hour.

In 1989, Aquatique Show was already present for Les Nuits de Saint Gilles and had since then participated in each edition of their previous show “Rêve d'une nuit d'été” with marvelous dancing fountains.

saint gilles water show water show in alsace region france les nuits de saint gilles

An immersive show not to be missed

The annual event brings together participants to offer an unforgettable sound and light show. The performances are part of a program including equestrian jousting, sword-fighting, dancing, frenzied percussion, martial arts and equestrian acrobatics. A veritable playground for riders and extras, these evenings have become a not-to-be-missed event of the summer season in Alsace. The show, called Arkenland, is unique of its kind, and the fruit of months of preparation and rehearsal.

les nuits de saint gilles water show

Born from a partnership between the communes of Saint-Pierre-Bois and Triembach-au-Val as well as numerous local associations, the show is full of surprises and novelties every year. For 2024, the water theater installed for the occasion will be enhanced with musical fountains, straight jets, arches and many other water effects to transform the hill of Saint Gilles into a sumptuous open-air show and offer visitors a timeless moment.

The water theater, a product with infinite adaptability

A product with multiple configurations, the water theater offers many advantages. Its composition can be adapted to suit the desired effect, the location and the scenography of your show. In temporary pools, lakes or at sea, the water theater adapts to any environment. This custom-made water show enhances events like Les Nuits de Saint Gilles by creating a magical moment and a unique immersive experience for spectators.

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A water theater for a magical event

Lulled by music and lighting effects, the water theater accompanies the riders, their mounts and the extras to create a breathtaking story together. The audience is transported into a magical world, where the grace and power of the horses mingle with the creativity and virtuosity of the artists. Traditional costumes, soft lighting, a custom-made water show and special effects create a magical atmosphere that will enchant young and old alike.

On Saturday June 29, Friday July 5 or Saturday July 6, come and discover this wonderful show combining horses, pyrotechnics, water theater, fire eaters, jugglers and even acrobats on the hill of Saint Gilles!

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What is a water theater?

This term refers to all the water shows developed to suit our services.

Since its beginnings, Aquatique Show has enriched its range of water effects to offer water theaters of all kinds and sizes.

The composition of a water theater is adapted to your wishes, location, audience and budget.

The combinations of water effects for a water theater are infinite, enabling the creation of a unique show. What's more, the possible configurations are numerous: single-front water theaters, multiple basins surrounding the audience, water effects visible at 360°, and water jets with adjustable heights to fit venues without risk of damage.

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The reliability and modularity of our equipment, combined with the efficiency and skill of our technical teams, make water theaters an aquatic spectacle capable of meeting all your event objectives, captivating your audience and offering a quality show that conveys your values.

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