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Aquatique Show:
philosophy and know-how

Water shows inspired by nature / directed by emotion.

Aquatique Show was born from a dream of water show, inspired by nature and directed by the emotion of the spectator.

Water is undoubtedly the most mysterious of natural elements; its ebb and flow in nature is already a spectacle, an invitation to contemplation. Its transparency and its reflections are hypnotic; our water shows are primarily inspired by this nature of water.

But this dream of water is also to revive the spirit of the great water shows and the splendor of the fountains of the Château de Versailles, commissioned by King Louis XIV to the Francine family and the famous landscape architect André Le Nôtre, which had made it possible to present sumptuous water shows at the Court of the King of France,  as part of ceremonies and celebrations which won over the spectators and got Versailles talked about in all European Courts once again.

Controling and exalting water in water shows

With a long experience, our engineers, show designers and technicians are always at work to test new technologies and new movements in our water effects to invent always more powerful lighting which hugs the texture of the water to perfection and creates interactivity with the objective of responding as closely as possible to the customer's request. Aquatique Show invests 5% of its turnover in research and development to be at the forefront of innovation in the water show.

A team of passionate people 

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Exceptionally reliable water show equipment

The choice for Aquatique Show is that of durability and reliability: we design equipment for permanent installations, some of which have existed for more than 20 years, and we are solicited for major events that require infallible water effects: systems compatible with the standards of the show (dmx) but with a management by industrial process which also allows a great precision.
Our engineers are in constant search of local suppliers to have a direct and close exchange, but with capacities of intervention in the world to guarantee an efficient after-sales service. Most of our equipment is patented.

 A controlled process 

The water show, a universal scope

Aquatique Show has cultivated this ability of water to captivate the attention of all. In its abstraction, water speaks to everyone. Our know-how in the creation of water shows lies in this possibility to create movements and rhythms to fit to the musical culture of each country and thus offer a show close to the audience: a water show that speaks to it. Our show designers have sharpened this skill for more than 35 years, in contact with the various cultures of the world, through meeting our clients.

Aquatique Show in China

Our history in a few dates




Creation of the company Aquatique Show



Until 1987, Aquatique Show presents 2 to 5 water shows a week in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany



First export outside Europe for the Bicentenary of Australia



Creation of the biggest water show in Europe at Futuroscope Park, Poitiers, France



Aquatique Show presents its water shows throughout the Middle East, including the Dubai Shopping Festival



First installations of water shows in China



Installation of the world's largest temporary show in Wolfsburg for Volkswagen



Installation of the world's largest floating musical fountain for the Shanghai World Expo



Creation and installation of the Spectra show in the famous bay of Singapore

Let's write the future together...

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Frequent questions



Is Aquatique Show’s equipment for rent or for sale?

We propose rental equipment for temporary events, and purchasable equipment for permanent installations.

Is Aquatique Show the manufacturer of its equipment?

 We carry out the complete study, manufacturing and installation of all our equipment.

Can you realize specific effects for a project?

 Aquatique Show can realize customized equipment, based on existing effects, but also develop and manufacture new products for a specific project

What is the budget for a water show or a special water effect?

We consider budgeting based on a study of your specific project, since each project requires a specific equipment, a particular installation, and/or an adaptation of our equipment whether for a rental or a sale.

How long does it take to install a water show?

 The time of installation and programming, as well as dismantling for a temporary show will depend on the project and the specific conditions on site. Our sales team will be able to inform you precisely for your project.

Does Aquatique Show propose turnkey services?

The water show is provided from A to Z: equipment, installation, programming and dismantling for a temporary show.

Complementary and necessary logistics services are to be provided locally: water supply, power supply, accommodation, sound system...

Can Aquatique Show work everywhere?

 We have presented shows all over the world and our technicians are used to working abroad which represents more than 80% of our activity.
To check the possibility of working in a specific country, we follow the recommendations of the official sites of French diplomacy