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    Water show

    Immersive fountain

Europa Park
Multiple water shows

  • City : Rust, Germany.
  • Since : 2004
tornado fountain colosseo hotel europa park 2

Aquatique Show started its collaboration with Europa Park in 2004, the year of the creation of the first Tornado fountain, a concept specifically designed for the park and the central place of the hotel Colosseo.

This fountain offers water shows by day and by night, but between each show, it turns into a water playground for the delight of children.

Since then, Aquatique Show has realized many musical, interactive or decorative fountains in the park, water effects for different indoor shows such as the integration of an Aqua Graphic water curtain or outdoor decorative water effects such as an impressive geyser in one of the park’s lake.

Aquatique Show has integrated a dancing fountain in the "Rhode Island Waterfire" show in front of the Bell Rock Hotel.

Finally, for several years, Aquatique Show also creates temporary water shows for Christmas and Halloween.