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World Cup 2022

  • City : Doha, Qatar.
  • 2022
drone & water show fifa world cup doha qatar

Aquatique Show produced the giant water show in the bay of Doha for the Football World Cup in Qatar in November and December 2022.

A large-scale,
fully floating water show
for a worldwide event
watched by billions of spectators.
hand made of drones in giant water show fifa world cup show

Genesis of
the giant water show

Marco Balich, Creative Director, Executive Producer and Chairman of the Board of Balich Wonder Studio with a record number of 14 Olympic ceremonies held, a dozen regional games and several large-scale events produced around the world, has been selected to create and organize the opening and closing ceremonies of the World Cup.

The FIFA committee and the Qatari authorities also wanted to offer the public and the inhabitants of Doha a major and striking show on the Corniche, the city's emblematic bay.

giant dancing fountain opening show fifa world cup doha balich

Aquatique Show has collaborated several times with Balich Wonder Studio to create water effects and water shows for large public and private events.

Marco Balich therefore contacted us to propose us again to create the water part of the show which also included fireworks, flames, laser and video projections, as well as drones.

hand made of drones in giant water show fifa world cup show

The challenges
of a giant water show
on Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche is very often subject to strong winds, and therefore the sea is often rough.

Two parameters that are always a challenge for our installations since our effects are necessarily installed on floating structures.

Added to this is the salt water combined with a mild temperature that can seriously attack our equipment on long-term exploitations. All this increased by the scale of the show which multiplies these problems. 

We had to think of a layout that allows the installation of heavy anchorings while limiting the number to optimize the budget but guarantee the stability of our water effect lines: straight and tight lines with choices of naturally most stable water jets.

floating jets with fireworks at opening show fifa world cup doha
  • drones becoming hands at opening show fifa world cup doha
  • projection on water screen at opening show fifa world cup doha
  • giant water show and fireworks fifa world cup doha slider


Water show elements and other effects

With an area of more than 1 hectare, a facade opening of 210 meters and a depth of 120 meters, this water show allows very wide visibility from the front and from the sides. The choice of a symmetry on the three sides makes it possible to propose a balanced choreography for several points of view.

More than 100 water jets with an average height of 20 meters with canons up to 30 meters make up this large Water Theater. A dressing with fog effects and two water screens to receive video projection complete this show.

Le spectacle présenté par La’eeb, la mascote de la coupe du monde, est une ode à la rencontre et la fraternité entre les peuples au travers du football, bercée par une œuvre musicale originale empreinte de mélodies moyen-orientales et d’une orchestration évocatrice des grands péplums hollywoodiens.

giant dancing fountain opening show fifa world cup doha balich

The show presented by La'eeb, the mascot of the World Cup, is an ode to gathering and brotherhood between peoples through football, with an original musical work of Middle Eastern melodies and an orchestration evoking the great Hollywood peplums.