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Water effect : Flying Mammuthus

Strasbourg - 2018

Aquatique Show has created a water show to highlight and animate this unique piece acquired by the company Soprema, whose emblem is the animal: a 12,000-year-old mammoth skeleton, installed on a square in the city of Strasbourg for the event " The Magnificent Industry ".

The Magnificent Industry is a crazy idea led by 5 enthusiasts looking for an innovative project to promote artistic creation, the industrial world and Alsace. The key idea of this event is to install, on each square of the city, an original and spectacular work, specially created for the event.

Commissioned by Soprema, a world leader in the fields of waterproofing, insulation and building protection, and imagined by the artist Jacques Rival, DPLG architect by training, and since 2000 creator of spectacular urban installations combining multiple tools, the animation "flying Mammuthus" was one of the most remarkable installation of the event that took place in Strasbourg in 2018.

The fountain created by Aquatique Show is a set of straight jets in a very tight square mesh to give an impression of levitation; they are implanted around the mammoth installed in a transparent box. The work of the lighting has been specially designed to allow complete water shows without obstructing the view of the mammoth skeleton. The day and night water shows produce a mysterious and surreal atmosphere that accentuate the enigmatic nature of these bones dating back thousands years.


This installation was seen by more than 300,000 visitors during a week of operation, highlighting the know-how and local heritage. Aquatique Show was, once more, visible in its city and its region.



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