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The Cinéscénie
and other shows
Puy du Fou

  • City : Les Epesses, France.
  • Since : 1990
cinéscénie giant water show puy du fou 3
Aquatique Show International has produced several water effects and major water shows in the Park.

custom made water show puy du fou orgues de feu show 2

La Cinéscénie :
A giant water show for a historical epic

La Cinéscénie du Puy du Fou is a night-time show that combines history, music, special effects, and artistic performances. Created by Philippe de Villiers in 1978, it has gone from strength to strength in popularity and renown.

Aquatique Show created the 100-metre water show to accompany this 1H40 show, which tells the story of the Vendée French region through the centuries with over 1,200 actors and dancers, a 23-hectare stage and more than 24,000 costumes.

giant water show park of the puy du fou 2

Aqua Graphic water curtain for the "First Kingdom” show

Aquatique Show has integrated linear and circular Aqua Graphic water curtains to wrap the famous baptism in a veil of mystery for this magnificent and unusual show retracing the baptism of Clovis.

aqua graphic water curtain puy du fou clovis aqua graphic water curtain 2

Les Orgues de Feu :
A custom-made water show unique in the world

Every evening, on the Puy du Fou's old pond, the water show "Les Orgues de Feu" features romantic musicians who appear in their costumes of lights and make muses and leprechauns dance in a fantastic symphony of water and fire. In addition to the dancing fountain of straight jets and arches, an organ projects water effects synchronized with the instrument's sounds, and a harp made of water strings appears in a magical scenography. This show was transformed a few years later to present the new show "Les Noces de Feu", for which Aquatique Show once again produced all the water effects.

custom made water show puy du fou orgues de feu show 3 custom made water show puy du fou orgues de feu show 1

Other unique water effects

Whether in the Mystère de la Pérouse with our water tunnel, our airshoots in the Knights of the Round Table, or our interactive fountains and fog effect in the park's landscaped areas, Aquatique Show has always come up with exceptional new water effects for this equally exceptional park! A collaboration we are very proud of.

water effect airshoot puy du fou chevaliers de la table ronde interactive fountain in the puy du fou
giant water show cinéscénie park of the puy du fou