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Giant Water Theater

Always bigger, always higher ! The Giant Water Theater makes you lose all sense of scale!

The Giant Water Theater is the unique ability of Aquatique Show to meet the craziest and most inordinate requests for water shows.

Since the 90s and the dazzling development of major world events (sports events, universal exhibitions), Aquatique Show has developed its resources in musical fountains equipment and complete water shows to meet the needs of its clients.
With the largest rental stock in the world, Aquatique Show is able to create and deliver a large-scale water show with facades of 100, 200, 300 meters and more, with a diversity in the water effects by their movement, their shape and height, and this in several places the world at the same time, with respect to the the tightest deadlines.

The Giant Water Theater in action

A water show that can reach extravagant heights and several hundred meters long facades

The choice for major events

Aquatique Show is proud to have been the partner of the last Universal Exhibitions (Seville in 1992, Hanover in 2000, Shanghai in 2010), to have presented unforgettable Great Water Theatres for the public, notably during the Beijing Olympic Games with General Electric, at the official ceremonies of the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore and at major matches at the Stade France.

The most beautiful and greatest shows in the world

Unique and impressive Giant Water Theaters have been created by our designers and engineers for some cities, as well as for the largest amusement parks in the world. The “Spectra” permanent water show in Singapore bay, but also “Disney Dreams” in Paris, The “Cinéscénie” in Puy du Fou, “Cinematic Spectacular” at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida are some examples of our Giant Water Theaters.

giant water theater - picture 26

giant water theater - picture 1

Made in France

With equipment produced and manufactured in France, with mostly French companies that are present worldwide, Aquatique Show offers reliable equipment, with reduced maintenance requirements, and a spare parts service that can be located as close as possible to your installation.



Discover our latest realizations highlighting the Giant Water Theater

Ningbo - Since 2019

Project of water show on main square of the East New Town new business district

Furdenheim - Since 1983

Every year, Aquatique Show presents .a giant multimedia water show for the festival "Art and Light" of this small Alsatian village.

Orlando - Since 2018

 Aquatique show created the brand new water show in the main lagoon of the Amusment Park  Universal Studio

Frequent questions about the Giant Water Theater



Can we use a Giant Water Theater in seawater?

 The Giant Water Theater can be used in seawater.
On sale, we can propose equipment in materials adapted to the salinity of the water.

Can a Giant Water Theater be associated with a Water Screen or an Aquavision Water Curtain?

 All our water effects can be combined to propose a complete water show

Can a Giant Water Theater be installed indoor?

 The water jets of our Giant Water Theaters have adjustable heights for indoor use. The size of our pools will be adapted to avoid any splashing

Can a Giant Water Theater be installed in a lake?

 The structures of all our fountain equipment can be adapted for an installation on the ground in temporary pools, on floating structures for an exploitation in a lake or at sea, or in an existing pool with a minimum water depth of 45cm.

Can a Giant Theater work automatically?

 All our water shows can be pre-encoded and operate fully automatically; our control equipment can also integrate a scheduler to launch shows at your convenience all day long.

How long does a water show with the Giant Water Theater last?

 We recommend a duration of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number and type of effects of the Giant Water Theater for a water show alone; the duration can be extended if other performances are combined (orchestra, performances of actors/dancers, fireworks, movies ...).

Can we play the Giant Water Theater by daytime?

 The Giant Water Theater can play daytime shows; the scenography and visibility will be more limited since the lights on the water will not be possible in broad daylight

What is the size of a Giant Water Theater?

 The size of our Giant Water Theaters varies according to the configuration of the site and the wish of the client.
They cover a facade of +/- 80 meters to several hundreds of meters.

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