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Tornado Fountain

A  real water show and an architectural gesture.

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This musical fountain was developed for the first time for Europa Park (Rust, Germany) in 2004 for a permanent installation at the Colosseo Hotel of the famous amusement park, voted best park of the world in 2018.

The Tornado fountain was also installed at Futuroscope in Poitiers in 2011; it is a permanent attraction in the heart of the park to entertain and refresh the children. The cities of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates, Wetzlar in Germany, Tbilisi in Georgia, Ningbo in China also chose the Tornado fountain.
The Tornado Fountain is also part of a complete water show in the Aquamall of Busan's Lotte World Department Store in South Korea which has been listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest indoor water show.
The layout and type of water games have been specially selected to achieve multiple objectives:
To propose a water show visible at 360 °.
It enables to play water shows during the day with a density of water effects adapted to an exploitation under a strong and natural light, with a homogeneous, powerful and fine play of color possible thanks to our Aquapro Led 2 projectors.
It creates an architectural gesture with simple and recognizable water games to mark the identity of the site; a perfect fountain to integrate urban and landscape projects.

The Tornado Fountain in action

musical fountain tornado 10

The Tornado fountain is composed of water effects that enable the complete coverage of the pool by a grid: the musical fountain is then transformed into a water playground for children and adults.

The Tornado fountain can be installed indoor and outdoor with a programmed or anemometer-controlled jet height regulation.

musical fountain tornado 11

musical fountain tornado 1

The Tornado Fountain is available with a temporary pool for punctual events as well.

A musical fountain with countless opportunities for an unforgettable water show that will amaze your audience.


fontaine musicale tornado 5
fontaine musicale tornado 15
fontaine musicale tornado 9
fontaine musicale tornado 11
fontaine musicale tornado europa park 7
fontaine musicale tornado futuroscope 12
fontaine musicale tornado 18
fontaine musicale tornado futuroscope 13
fontaine musicale tornado europa park 6
fontaine musicale tornado europa park 4
fontaine musicale tornado europa park 14
fontaine musicale tornado 10
fontaine musicale tornado europa park 3
fontaine musicale tornado 17
fontaine musicale tornado 1
fontaine musicale tornado 16
fontaine musicale tornado 2
fontaine musicale tornado futuroscope 8
fontaine musicale tornado 5



Discover our latest realizations highlighting the Tornado Fountain

Busan - 2010

Aquatique Show created the biggest indoor water show with Aqua graphic water curtains.

Blackpool - 2008

Our tornado Fountain at the very heart of the Amusement Park has become an impish place where people sparay each other with water

Rust - Since 2004

Some of our creations in the park since 2004.

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