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Water Theater

A water show rich of all our know-how

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The Water Theater is a complete water show that integrates all the possibilities and combinations in order to create your tailor-made show, adapted to your wishes and operating conditions.

Since its inception, Aquatique Show has enriched the range of its water effects to accompany the growing success of water shows with the public.
The composition of the Water Theater is determined according to your wishes, the location, the audience and the budget.
Aquatique Show has designed structures with several water effects in order to multiply the possibilities of water shows while maintaining rapid installation and programming flexibility.
These structures, manufactured in formats that facilitate their transport, delivery, installation and dismantling in a short amount of time, can be mounted on floats and placed on water or at sea, but also simply in temporary pools provided by us for installation on land, on city squares, or any other place of your wish.
Aquatique Show manages the entire process, from installation to dismantling, through the artistic design and an integration study into your project so that the proposed water theater becomes your own water theater.

The Water Theater in action

In a land-based pool, or on floating structures in a lake, discover our Water Theater : a unique water show in dimensions of several tens of meters

water show water theater sheikh zayed festival 3

Solutions for each project of Water Theater

Not only are the Water Theater's water effects combinations infinite to create a unique water show, but the possible configurations are also unlimited with one façade (single-sided) Water Theaters, multiple pools to surround the public, implantation of our water effects that can also allow a 360 ° visible water show, water jets with adjustable heights to invest performance halls without risking damaging the perimesis.

Specialists attentive to your project of Water Theater

The reliability and modularity of our equipment, combined with the efficiency and skills of our technical teams make the Water Theater a water show that will meet all the objectives set for your event; a conquered public and a show of quality, medium for communicating your values.

water show water theater 8

water show water theater moscow 1
water show water theater 4
water show water theater 11
water show water theater 18
water show water theater 17
water show water theater 7
water show water theater 20
water show water theater sheikh zayed festival 3
water show water theater 5
water show water theater 21
water show water theater port aventura 6
water show water theater 13
water show water theater 9
water show water theater 10
water show water theater 1
water show water theater 19
water show water theater 8
water show water theater 15
water show water theater 16
water show water theater 14
water show water theater sheikh zayed festival 2
water show water theater 12
water show water theater moscow 1



Discover our latest realizations highlighting the Water Theater

Puy du Fou, since 2020

Setup of new water effects in the show « Les Noces de Feu »

Abu Dhabi - 2016 & 2017

Our Multimedia water show created for the festival is visible at 360°

Dubai - 2015

Discover our performance for the Dubai National Day.

Frequent questions about the Water Theater



Can a Water Theater be 'piloted' live with an orchestra?

 Some Theaters of Water can play live.
Our technicians are trained to play live when necessary; all our equipment is usually controllable by DMX signal.

Can a Water Theater be associated with a Water Screen or an Aquavision Water Curtain?

 All our water effects can be combined to propose a complete water show

Can a Water Theater be installed indoor?

 The water jets of our Water Theaters have adjustable heights for indoor use. The size of our pools will be adapted to avoid splashing.

Can a Water Theater be installed in a lake?

 The structures of all our fountain equipment can be adapted for an installation on the ground in temporary pools, on floating structures for an exploitation in a lake or at sea, or in an existing pool with a minimum water depth of 45cm

Can a Water Theater work automatically?

 All our water shows can be pre-encoded and operate fully automatically; our control equipment can also integrate a scheduler to launch shows at your convenience throughout the day.

Can we use a water theater in seawater?

 The Water Theater can be used in seawater.
For sale, we can offer equipment in materials adapted to the salinity of the water.

How long does a water show with the Water Theater last?

We recommend a duration of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number and type of effects of the Water Theater for a single water show. The duration can be extended if other performances are combined (orchestra, actors/dancers’ performances, fireworks, films ...).

Can we play the Water Theater by daytime?

The Water Theater can play daytime shows but scenography and visibility will be more limited since lighting on the water will not be possible in broad daylight

What is the size of a Water Theater?

The size of our Water Theaters varies according to the configuration of the site or venue and the wishes of the client.
They cover a facade of 20 to +/- 80 meters when our Giant Water Theaters propose facades from on hundred to several hundreds of meters.

Sydney, Australia - Since 2019

Integration of our Aqua Graphic water curtains in an outstanding immersive show.

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