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Frequently Asked Questions

Aqua graphic® Water Curtain

How does the sculpture of the water surface of the Aqua Graphic work?

 The Aqua Graphic water curtain is made up of individually controlled solenoid valves to control the opening and closing of valves from which water flows. This thousandth of a second control makes it possible to create images by alternating empty pixels and water pixels. The image is recreated line by line and is drawn while falling by gravity.

Can we project on water surfaces sculpted by the Aqua Graphic water curtain?

 Yes, both techniques, projections and sculptures, can be combined; the projection then appears on sculpted water surfaces.

What type of projection can be made on an Aqua Graphic water curtain?

 The Aqua Graphic water curtain can receive any type of rear projection. It allows the projection of photos and videos in very good quality, whether it is decorative or narrative content. It can also accomodate the projection of a complete movie or laser projection.
In addition, the projection can also be performed on the water curtain Aqua Graphic when it is in the mode of sculpting water in letters, words and other shapes, allowing a different texture to be applied to the cut water surfaces.

Can projection onto the Aqua Graphic water curtain be done from the front?

Any projection on a water surface, thus on the Aqua Graphic water curtain, must be made in rear projection to benefit from all the light output of the projector; the projector must be installed at the back of the water curtain, facing the public, while taking care to avoid the hot spot.
Front projection may very rarely be possible, under perfect conditions and without any other surrounding light source, but it is not guaranteed.

Is the Aqua Graphic Water Curtain wind resistant?

 The Aqua Graphic water curtain when it is whole does not tear in the wind; it can be deflected in the direction of the wind but the projection remains possible.
The quality of the water sculpture will be proportional to the strength of the wind; it is therefore preferable that the wind be very weak or non-existent so that the sculpture of water is of good quality.

Can the Aqua Graphic water curtain be used in seawater?

 The Aqua Graphic water curtain cannot be used in seawater.

What is the standard installation of an Aqua Graphic water curtain?

 The Aqua Graphic water curtain necessarily requires the installation of a bearing structure resistant to 200kg per linear meter to be suspended over a receiving pool of the waterfall in which will be installed the underwater pumps that will feed the curtain of water in closed circuit by hoses running from pumps to the Aqua Graphic water curtain.

Can the Aqua Graphic Water Curtain be used by daytime?

 The water sculpture can be used during the day but its good visibility will depend on the surrounding space (dark background) and the orientation of the daylight.
Like any other projection support, the Aqua Graphic water curtain projection is not possible by day since the projector's light source is not strong enough for daylight.

What are the dimensions of the Aqua Graphic Water Curtain?

 For rent, we can propose unitary linear ramps of 2.72 meters, combinable without gaps to achieve the dimension closest to your wishes (5.44 / 8.16 ...) up to 27.20 meters. Our Aqua Graphic water curtains also exist in circular modules of 2, 3, 4 and 5 meters diameter and can combine linear and circular modules to form squares, rectangles or hexagons.
For sale, we can build the dimensions of your choice.

Can the Aqua Graphic Water Curtain be used indoor/outdoor?

 The Aqua Graphic Water Curtain can be used indoor and outdoor.

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