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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Screen

What are the dimensions of the water screen?

The water screen is a semi-circular surface whose length is 3 times the height.
For rent, we propose water screen heights up to 15 meters

What type of projection can be made on a water screen?

The water screen can receive video projection and laser projection. The pressurized and semicircular water surface of the water screen requires a specific, denser and precise projection content at the heart of the water screen where the quality is maximum.

Can the projection on water screen be done from the front?

Any projection on a water surface, thus on the water screen, must be done with rear projection to benefit from all the luminous power of the projector; the projector must be installed at the back of the water screen, facing the public, while taking care to avoid the hot spot.

Is the water screen wind resistant?

The water screen is subject to wind because its surface is composed of a pressurized water that is not as strong as the wind; the quality of the surface of the water screen will be proportional to the strength of the wind

Can we use a water screen in seawater?

The water screen can be used in seawater unlike our water curtains. For a long-term exploitation, however, it will be necessary to plan a rinsing of our equipment in fresh water.
On sale, we can propose equipment with materials adapted to the salinity of the water

What is the standard installation of a water screen?

The water screen can be installed in a receiving pool which must be longer than the length of the screen and wider than the height of the screen.
It can also be installed on our floating structures to be exploited at sea or in a lake, or in an existing pool or on a barge provided by you.

Can we use the water screen by daytime?

Like any other projection support, the projection on the water screen is not possible by day since the projector's light source is not powerful enough for daylight.

Can the water screen be used indoor/outdoor?

The water screen is designed for outdoor use.
With enough space for a large pool, and important ceiling heights, the water screen can sometimes be installed indoor.

Rear projection is necessary since front projection does not work on this type of screen, except with powerful projector and dark environment with no light interferences.

What is the difference between a water screen and an Aquavision water curtain?

The water screen is produced by water projected at very high pressure in a semi-circle from the surface of the water. The water screen can only be used outdoors. The Aquavision water curtain is created by water falling from distribution piping set at a height ranging from 1 to 30 meters. The Aquavision water curtains can be used indoors or outdoors.

Doha - 2022

Creation of floating water show with water screens and fog effect in the bay of Doha during the Soccer Fifa World Cup.

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