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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Aquatique Show’s equipment for rent or for sale?

We propose rental equipment for temporary events, and purchasable equipment for permanent installations.

Is Aquatique Show the manufacturer of its equipment?

 We carry out the complete study, manufacturing and installation of all our equipment.

Can you realize specific effects for a project?

 Aquatique Show can realize customized equipment, based on existing effects, but also develop and manufacture new products for a specific project

What is the budget for a water show or a special water effect?

We consider budgeting based on a study of your specific project, since each project requires a specific equipment, a particular installation, and/or an adaptation of our equipment whether for a rental or a sale.

How long does it take to install a water show?

 The time of installation and programming, as well as dismantling for a temporary show will depend on the project and the specific conditions on site. Our sales team will be able to inform you precisely for your project.

Does Aquatique Show propose turnkey services?

The water show is provided from A to Z: equipment, installation, programming and dismantling for a temporary show.

Complementary and necessary logistics services are to be provided locally: water supply, power supply, accommodation, sound system...

Can Aquatique Show work everywhere?

 We have presented shows all over the world and our technicians are used to working abroad which represents more than 80% of our activity.
To check the possibility of working in a specific country, we follow the recommendations of the official sites of French diplomacy

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