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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Theaters

Can a Water Theater be 'piloted' live with an orchestra?

 Some Theaters of Water can play live.
Our technicians are trained to play live when necessary; all our equipment is usually controllable by DMX signal.

Can a Water Theater be associated with a Water Screen or an Aquavision Water Curtain?

 All our water effects can be combined to propose a complete water show

Can a Water Theater be installed indoor?

 The water jets of our Water Theaters have adjustable heights for indoor use. The size of our pools will be adapted to avoid splashing.

Can a Water Theater be installed in a lake?

 The structures of all our fountain equipment can be adapted for an installation on the ground in temporary pools, on floating structures for an exploitation in a lake or at sea, or in an existing pool with a minimum water depth of 45cm

Can a Water Theater work automatically?

 All our water shows can be pre-encoded and operate fully automatically; our control equipment can also integrate a scheduler to launch shows at your convenience throughout the day.

Can we use a water theater in seawater?

 The Water Theater can be used in seawater.
For sale, we can offer equipment in materials adapted to the salinity of the water.

How long does a water show with the Water Theater last?

We recommend a duration of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number and type of effects of the Water Theater for a single water show. The duration can be extended if other performances are combined (orchestra, actors/dancers’ performances, fireworks, films ...).

Can we play the Water Theater by daytime?

The Water Theater can play daytime shows but scenography and visibility will be more limited since lighting on the water will not be possible in broad daylight

What is the size of a Water Theater?

The size of our Water Theaters varies according to the configuration of the site or venue and the wishes of the client.
They cover a facade of 20 to +/- 80 meters when our Giant Water Theaters propose facades from on hundred to several hundreds of meters.

Sydney, Australia - Since 2019

Integration of our Aqua Graphic water curtains in an outstanding immersive show.

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