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Zingaro Equestrian and Musical Theater

Paris and Versailles, France.

Aquatique Show participated in two performances of the famous equestrian and musical Theater “Zingaro” of Bartabas.


On "Battuta" (2006-2009), a gypsy-inspired show, Aquatique Show realized a magical circular water curtain in the center of the Theater; a water effect beaming in the center of a carousel fabulously directed by Bartabas.


Aquatique Show has also designed and implemented during the “Fêtes de Nuit” at Versailles castle in 2008, all the water effects, water screen, fog and fountains on the Neptune pool in the frame of the show called "Night Mare ", a work inspired by Shakespeare's play Macbeth and Akira Kurosawa’s movie Throne of Blood.

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