Can a water theater be "piloted" live with an orchestra?



Can a Water Theater be combined with a water screen or Aquavision water curtain?

Yes, we can combine Water Theater with water screen, water curtain, water cannons and other water effects...éâtre d’Eau, Ecran d'Eau, Rideau d’Eau, canon à eau, Air shots...

Can a water theater be installed indoors?



Can a water theater be set up in a lake?


YES, we can install a water theater on a floating barge provided by your services or fit floats onto our equipment.

Can a water theater be set up in a ready installed tank?



Can a water theater operate automatically?


YES, a water theater can be pre-programmed and then be fully automatical.

Can an Aquavision water curtain be used in sea water?


NO. Unlike the water screen, water curtains can only be used in fresh water.

Can the water screen be used in sea water?

Yes. The water screen works just as well in sea water as in fresh water.

Can you design and produce specific equipment?


YES, whatever your dreams, we'll make them come true.

Does AQUATIQUE SHOW manufacture its own products?


YES, AQUATIQUE SHOW carries out the entire design and manufacturing process and the installation of all its equipment.

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