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Aqua Graphic water curtain & Musical Fountain, Launch event BMW Series 6

Johannesburg, South Africa - 2011

Aquatique Show was contacted to realize the water show and other water effects for the launch of BMW 6 Series in South Africa.

The brief for the launch called for a spectacular and unique event that would immerse the target market in a complete BMW brand experience. An experience that would showcase the entire BMW product range and reveal the BMW's latest innovation as the flagship of the brand.

The chosen structure was a 35m x 100m oblong-shaped dome with one end of the structure being completely transparent and allowing a 180° view, not only outside but inside the dome as well.

For the staging of the revelation of the new BMW 6 Series, different service areas were created for a water show combining Musical Fountain, Water Screen, live performances and pyrotechnics.

Circular bar

A circular bar surrounding a computer-controlled 360° Aqua Graphic water curtain was created as the focal point. Various imagery and lighting effects were projected onto the circular water curtain and a live flutist performed from within.



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