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Water Theater: Castle of Lunéville

Lunéville, France - since 2001


Every summer, Aquatique Show realizes the water show in the pools of the Castle.

At nightfall, families sit on the benches at their disposal, children often prefer to sit on the grass. Regulars know it: in order not to be splashed when the water screen arises, seats right in front of the castle should be favored.


The proposed water symphony is composed of musical fountains and other water effects that emphasize the traditional spirit of the place.


This Water Theatre delights tens of thousands of visitors during one month in summer every year since 2011.

Music shows are proposed throughout the week, and the water show turns into a multimedia show with giant projections on water screen on the week-end, developing renewed themes every year (Voyage of Marco Polo, the Castle of Lumières...).



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